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You Can Never Really Know

This morning, as I wandered around in a state of half sleep working at the gym I found myself chatting with a regular customer from India. India, which I will call him, in order to not use his real name, is the sweetest man ever. I am pretty sure that he is some buddha reincarnated or some wonderful person reincarnated. He always makes an effort to say hello, goodbye and to immerse himself into the North American culture.
"Howdy" is his latest new word. During Stampede week he discovered this word and now whenever he sees someone in their western wear he insists on saying howdy to them. It's beautiful. Not beautiful that he is embracing our culture in specific but the idea in general of any foreigner coming to a new country and having so much enthusiasm for their new surroundings. Isn't the whole point of moving to embrace and enjoy a new culture anyway? It's wonderfully beautiful when it happens. This is not to say that one needs to lose their own culture when th…