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let love be your energy

So lately I have been allowing a lot of negative energy to infiltrate my being. let me tell you, don't do it - it's terrible. Explaining the situation won't even make a difference in the whole of this lesson to be learned as really it has only to do with me (or you) and not allowing others to have control of how you feel. For the past few days I have allowed this to happen, I am not sure why, maybe it's where I am in my cycle, maybe it's that in my life I truly, rarely, encounter this type of behaviour. Whatever the reason, I did, and for the past few days I have felt the negative energy dragging on me. This morning it was time for a change. My Self Cleanse: This morning I decided that I was truly sick of the way that I have been feeling for the past few days - I decided. I wrote myself an email - explaining to myself the silly way in which I was allowing this situation to affect my life and for what? I reminded myself of the thing that I live for - love. I live and br…