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rediscovered love

I once posted about running and how I was so convinced that you could not actually love running, that those who do claim to love running are liars.
I was wrong. I found my love, it was there all along, I was merely frustrated that I couldn't connect with it.
It's now a healthy addiction that I feed mostly everyday, and so far the love affair is amazing. Still can't find your love? Love for running isn't about burning calories, losing weight, training your heart, etc. Love for running is a complete and overwhelming feeling of sync with your body. It is when your mind takes over, your body moves in the rhythmic motion without noticing, you stand tall, push forward off your toes and run from your gut. It's running like a kid again, fast and free like the wind, feeling the exhilaration of coming as close to flying as our bodies will take us. It's a beautiful thing. It's a therapeutic thing. It's pure love. Now there is one large factor that MUST be mentioned when …