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the longest six months

Today my Stetson is six months old - if you'd asked me six days in I'd never have thought we would make it this far.  Having a child is the single most challenging thing I have ever done in my life. I've done more research since having Stetson than I did in all of my academic career and you know what? Parenting can't be written in a book - parenting comes from inside. It can't be taught or learned by anyone except you and your baby. It's different for everyone.  This is what parenting has looked like for me: • My son doesn't sleep - okay, well he didn't. Two days in it became clear that it is completely untrue that all babies can be fed, swaddled and put down where they will lay peacefully and sleep until they need to eat again. Stetson could NOT be put down. And swaddled? Dream on. We gave up so fast on those two things it wasn't even funny. Our Stetson would only sleep on my or my husband's chest and if you even so much as thought of swaddling him…