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Sleepy Stets

I found an old playlist the other day, "Sleepy Stets" it's called. I remember making it, it was going to be what I would play while my baby fell asleep at night and during his naps. It's a beautiful playlist, sweet country songs, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and of course, Iz. 
I couldn't help but laugh when I reminisced on the making of this playlist. Little did I know I was going to be blessed with a baby who defied all baby-sleep rules and regulations. A baby who went shot for shot with the best of them when it came to sleep. My Stetson.  Today is his first day of fulltime dayhome. It's a weird day. I've spent the last 20 months with this little person attached to me, first growing inside me for nine months and then always with me for the next eleven.  In two weeks my maternity leave (God bless Canada and our maternity leave benefits) will come to an end. I look forward to returning to my Cardel Place family, I miss just being ME and having other things to d…