Hey Porter! Hey Porter!

To my babiest boy:
You're nearly seven months. Seven months. I can't believe it. We've made it! We survived that long first month when you thought the day was night and the night was day. We survived nearly five months of you napping in the ring sling, tight to my chest, so that you could sleep and I could still wrangle your wild cowboy of a brother. We survived those first four months when we didn't have a prescription for your silent reflux and you would only sleep on my chest in the recliner. We survived our first (and hopefully last) long stay the the Alberta Children's Hospital when you had RSV - you were such a trooper and your charming good looks had all of the nurses hanging on your every coo - you get that from your dad. We survived ice fishing and a vacation to Phoenix, you're always up for an adventure. 
You've made your mark in our family little one. You had my heart the minute that I met you - not to mention your brother's. You've taught me how much I could love a little baby, how it's possible to not be terrified of your newborn and how I can trust my instincts to best protect and care for you. You love when we softly tickle your face, you love going for walks in the sling and when your brother gets in trouble for fake-shooting you. You cry when your brother sings his obnoxious country songs at the top of his lungs but you love when he, against the wishes of his parents, pushes you while you jump in the Jolly Jumper. I can already see the love between you two- and can already see the dented walls and broken mason jars that I will encounter raising the two of you. I can see already how you will egg your brother on and encourage his shenanigans...
You're nearly crawling, which means my whole world is about to become a lot crazier. I love watching you grow, seeing how alike you are to your brother and your dad, yet how incredibly different you are. You're named after someone who chooses to love me and my family everyday - I know you'll live up to your namesake. You have a temper that doesn't compare, my angry little elf, yet you love to cuddle. Like your brother, you're so much your father - making that three men that I love more than anything. You complete our family. I love you Porter. 


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