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This Old Couch

This old couch, has seen better days. Okay so maybe the lyrics actually refer to a house but I couldn't get this Doc Walker song out of my head after titling this post. 
Our old couches have seen better days for sure, but now they're living the dream as the best play station in our house. Most parents would agree that parenting is messy. My house is in no way pristine, tidy or always clean - I have a two year old tornado - this makes old, knock around items invaluable. In our loft we have two old sofas, these sofas are the best and certainly some of my favourite items in our house.  We love to play outdoors but there are many times that we play indoors - when my babiest baby is napping, when the wind won't listen to us and won't stop, when we are preparing a meal - and our old couches are the designated jumping area. Who doesn't love jumping around? Or off? Or onto? My son is also allowed to climb all over the old couches - sure he falls off of them from time to tim…