That "Cop" is my Husband

All too often I hear people complaining about the police. I hear them hating on them, cursing them and making fun of them. I know that not everyone does this but unfortunately it happens a lot. As the wife of a police officer you may think I am biased, and perhaps I am, but I also see things very differently than those not involved personally with a police officer.
Everyday that my husband goes to work he chooses to put his life at risk to keep the rest of us safe. He has chosen a career that involves him missing bedtime with his children, missing important holidays and events with family and friends. He misses out on these things to keep you safe - to uphold the law that he believes so fiercely in. He chooses to strap on a bulletproof vest, every single shift, because heaven forbid, that be the shift that someone decides to attack him. He has worked so hard to be where he is, he has received extensive training and is equipped with tools to help and to protect him. 
But all of the training and tools in the world can't change the fact that he is just a man. Just a human. Just a beating heart - like you and me. Last week one of those hearts stopped beating. Last week Constable Daniel Woodall lost his life doing his job - at the hands of someone who believed they were above the law. He reminded all of us of a reality that our police officers face everyday. 
So that "cop" that gave you a ticket? That "cop" that sped through the intersection lights and siren? That "cop" that changed your car tire, drove you home, broke up a fight, arrested a drunk driver, found a missing person, and the list goes on... that "cop" is my husband. He's also a father, brother, son and friend to many.  Think about that next time you start to bash that "cop" - think about who you'll call when you're in trouble and who, despite the name calling and disrespect, will show up to help you. 

Last night I did it all alone. Last night I made dinner, fed the boys, bathed the boys and put them to bed all alone. Last night I slept alone. Last night my husband didn't come home. 
Because last night my husband and many of his brothers were in Edmonton. Today, some will march and some will work, but they will all honour their fallen brother. Today children say goodbye to their father, a wife says goodbye to her husband. While I did one night alone, she will forever wait for her husband to come home, those children will forever wait to see their father again. 
Today let's think of those who put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe. Today let's show respect and appreciation for the men and women that choose to work together for the greater good. Today let's remember that under those uniforms are hearts that beat, just like yours and mine. 



  1. Lovely, should be read far and wide...

  2. Amazing read, and so very true!! From one police family to anotherđź’—

  3. Well written. As one of those 'Cops' this also reminds us that follow the calling that there is a sacrifice behind the scenes too. Often un-thanked and taken for granted, but your actions as wives and families are those that support us and allow us to follow that call to put the needs of others ahead of own. It's a timely reminder to be thankful and grateful for all of our spouses and families, or significant others, that allow us to do what we do. Hopefully one day society will retreat from its name, blame and claim purpose we are all so accustomed to these days, people will once again learn to respect others, both property and people, all people, and will finally take responsibility for their own actions for once instead of immediately laying cause or fault at the feet of others. Hopefully the respect shown by the people of Edmonton following these dark days is a sign of things to come, not just there, but everywhere. We can but hope. We can also hope that the judicial system which lets us all down with alarming regularity finally realises its shortcomings and the rights of victims and the sentencing of convicted offenders is appropriate to the crime committed. We can also hope that the media will begin to report accurately, without the need for grandiose over elaboration, without the need for racial incitement and labelling which, worldwide, has been widely apparent, particularly south of our borders. All we work for across the board is a fair and just society with freedom and safety for all, and that those who seek to disadvantage others are curtailed in their actions and chose a better path. Thank you for all you do to support us.

  4. There paid to serve and protect us! There not the only people who work shift work, and there job is often safer then an electrician! Stop patting yourself's on the back so much.... oh and with so many camera's these days.... its making it hard for them to get away with murder!


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