When Staying Home Means Leaving Home

It's funny how things happen. 
When I was nineteen I had this nasty habit of locking my keys in my car. One time in particular my nasty habit changed my life. I was a job-hunting student heading to Superstore to apply to be a cashier when I - surprise, surprise - locked my keys in my car. While waiting for my dad to come with the spare key I decided to hand out the extra resumes I had in my hands. Across the street from the Superstore was this funny cement building built into the hill - Vivo (Cardel Place). I'd been there a few times for figure skating and figured I might as well try my luck and apply. Within a few days I was lined up for an interview and shortly after I received a phone call for Josh, asking if he was available to start training that Sunday. Naturally, I returned the call, saying that Josh likely didn't receive the good news but that I was available to start on Sunday. As it turned out, Josh and I both had our first day that Sunday. I didn't know it then, but that Sunday set into motion what could only have been an intentional series of events that would shape the rest of my life. 
Recently my husband and I decided that I will not return to my full time job - we've decided that I will stay home to raise our two boys. Let me take a moment to say how truly grateful I am that this is even a choice we can make, nowadays it's not a reality for so many families. And while I am ever so excited to be able to stay home with my boys, be the one to kiss them better, cuddle them, take them to the park and ensure they play all day - I can't shake a feeling of sadness. 
My decision to stay home means leaving my other home - Vivo. 
So while I say see you later, I also say thank you. 
Thank you for my husband! Without Vivo we may not have met up again, fell in love, married and had two wild and crazy little fellas. 
Thank you for the friends that I consider family. Not everyone has the pleasure of going to work everyday with people that they love and are loved by. I did. My Vivo family has seen me through university, my wedding, my pregnancies, motherhood and countless other life experiences. On down days, they've picked me up. On lazy days, they've encouraged me. I'll miss you all and I love you all. 
Thank you for supporting me. My job that   was "paying for my university" became my "big-girl" job. You saw the potential and chose to put faith in me. I am grateful everyday for the opportunities given to me at Vivo. The learnings, tools and never ending support have meant so much to me - I'm truly honoured to have been playing for the best team. 
Thank you for healthier generations. Vivo's commitment to healthier generations has become my commitment to my boys. I have whole heartedly adopted the same cause, because I believe in healthier generations. I believe that we can change the future for our children, we can educate, energize and play to make a difference.  My parenting style has been shaped and focused around influencing my sons to be healthy, to be active, to eat well (although somedays just to eat at all) and to play. Know that I am committed to healthier generations and everyday I take that cause beyond your walls. 

Thank you for shaping me into the person that I am today, I am forever grateful. 



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