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The Second First Year

One year ago today it was a Sunday, my father in law's sixtieth birthday, my sister's induction date and in the early morning hours, while my house was quiet and I folded laundry, it was the beginning of my second labor. While my husband and son slept I texted with my sister, anxious about her induction, and confided in her that I was pretty sure things were starting. I'll save all of the labor and delivery details for a different post - if I ever decide to write it all down.  Everything about that day was bliss. I felt calm, I felt in control, I felt so ready to meet my second baby. I had no idea if we were having a boy or girl, what life would be like with two under two - I had no idea if the anxiety and depression that followed my first delivery would come back. By that afternoon, to Drunk on a Plane, by Dierks Bentley, Porter arrived bearing the answers to many of my questions and although this wasn't my first rodeo, our first year with Porter has still taught me so…