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If You're My Last Baby

If you're my last baby I am forever grateful that I've been lucky enough just to have you. Mourning the end of my baby-bearing days doesn't even compare to the many women that would give anything to bear, birth and bring home a baby. I give thanks everyday for the gift of you and your big brother and I pray everyday for those women longing to have their own. If you're my last baby I'll never forget the day we brought you home and your big brother met you. How he marvelled over you, thought you were his baby and wanted to hold and cuddle you right away. How he took such careful care of you in your delicate newborn state and how he tried daily to breastfeed you.
If you're my last baby I will never forget those long nights spent in the recliner together. How you would sleep so peacefully on my chest, cuddled up under that oh so soft, teal blanket that we have. I will never forget how warm you liked to be while sleeping and how when you would start to stir I could j…

Giving Thanks

For my faith, for my husband, for my sons. For a cousin that is a sister, for a junior high best friend that knows me through and through, for inlaws that love me like their own daughter.  For a sister in law that is a sister, for parks and pathways, for nature.  For my younger sister, my best friend, my twin, my soulmate, my everything.  For chocolate chais and butternut squash cookies.  For my big brother, my protector and teacher of mischief.  For health and for an able body.  For forgiveness, grace and patience.  For my get up off the ground don't run and hider.  For summers spent camping and playing outside.  For struggles that showed me my strength. For thumb-sucking snuggles, for midnight up all nighters.  For Crave Cupcakes, lifelong friends and everyday heroes.   Per le migliore amiche, Nutella, Amaretto, Sesso e la Città, Perugia e pizza.  For a love that will last forever and a day, for cheesy Bon Jovi references, for music.  For a mother who never quit, showed me how to care for oth…

Dancing, at Sundance Lodges

Maybe you're an avid camper, or maybe you've never camped at all - it doesn't matter where you sit on the camper scale, this campground is THE BEST when it comes to camping with babies. Twice this summer we were lucky enough to pack up and head out to Sundance Lodges. To add to our fortune, our best friends joined us with their two year old daughter. One of the top reasons to try Sundance Lodges - location, location, location! Sundance Lodges is only about an hour drive - anyone with kids knows that's a win, especially since an hour can feel like four when your baby won't stop crying and your toddler won't stop sing-shouting. Not only is it a quick drive but it's all in the right direction - straight west into Kananaskis. Ah. Thick evergreens, mountains and a crisp river running behind it.  I know what you're thinking, it's cold in Kananaskis! And yes, it can be! But behold, the next reason you'll love this place - Trapper's Tents with kerose…