Dancing, at Sundance Lodges

Maybe you're an avid camper, or maybe you've never camped at all - it doesn't matter where you sit on the camper scale, this campground is THE BEST when it comes to camping with babies. Twice this summer we were lucky enough to pack up and head out to Sundance Lodges. To add to our fortune, our best friends joined us with their two year old daughter. 
One of the top reasons to try Sundance Lodges - location, location, location! Sundance Lodges is only about an hour drive - anyone with kids knows that's a win, especially since an hour can feel like four when your baby won't stop crying and your toddler won't stop sing-shouting. Not only is it a quick drive but it's all in the right direction - straight west into Kananaskis. Ah. Thick evergreens, mountains and a crisp river running behind it. 
I know what you're thinking, it's cold in Kananaskis! And yes, it can be! But behold, the next reason you'll love this place - Trapper's Tents with kerosene heaters. Included in the price of your campsite is a kerosene heater, which, might I add, is refuelled daily by the wonderful staff! Both of our boys were able to sleep comfortably in fleece sleepers with minimal blankets, both trips, mid-July and the last weekend of August. We started up our heater in the early evening and left it on all night. 

And what good would a heater be without an amazing tent?! The Trapper's Tents at Sundance Lodges are ideal when camping with little ones - no need to set up tents! The wooden framed canvas tents are so spacious and they even come with beds. We were able to comfortably fit two playpens in the tent along with the bed for my husband and me to sleep on. Not to mention, they have a covered eating area at the entrance! In choosing this location we saved ourselves the trouble of packing and setting up our tent for sleeping, our kitchen tent, and tarps for weather coverage. 

For the faint of heart campers - there are washrooms, with running water - hot, running water! And even laundry facilities! Who am I kidding, having warm water to wash filthy children is a win whether you're a seasoned camper or not! And should you forget anything there is a fully stocked Trading Post with all sorts of good finds. 

Apart from the amazing location, warm, cozy, heated tents and the amenities, the campground itself, like most places in Kananaskis, is gorgeous. We packed toys for our kids but they were little used. The tree-dense campground naturally held our little ones' attention and desire. The toddlers spent most of their time exploring, finding rocks to throw and pine cones and pine needles to collect - or eat, you know, they eat everything. Just behind the campground is the Kananaskis River - we spent a lot of our time down by the water, throwing more rocks, squishing the mud and splashing in the water. We packed the bikes, but I will be honest, our toddler was more than happy to explore the generous radius that our campsite offered. 

Nothing offers the hands-on experiences with nature like camping and nothing is better for the young mind than experiencing nature. If you're considering camping with babies, or if you think it's insane to camp with babies - consider Sundance Lodges. 



  1. Love it! We went camping September long. And it was cold but fun! This place seems so much cosier!


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