Giving Thanks

For my faith, for my husband, for my sons. 
For a cousin that is a sister, for a junior high best friend that knows me through and through, for inlaws that love me like their own daughter. 
For a sister in law that is a sister, for parks and pathways, for nature. 
For my younger sister, my best friend, my twin, my soulmate, my everything. 
For chocolate chais and butternut squash cookies. 
For my big brother, my protector and teacher of mischief. 
For health and for an able body. 
For forgiveness, grace and patience. 
For my get up off the ground don't run and hider. 
For summers spent camping and playing outside. 
For struggles that showed me my strength.
For thumb-sucking snuggles, for midnight up all nighters. 
For Crave Cupcakes, lifelong friends and everyday heroes.  
Per le migliore amiche, Nutella, Amaretto, Sesso e la Citt√†, Perugia e pizza. 
For a love that will last forever and a day, for cheesy Bon Jovi references, for music. 
For a mother who never quit, showed me how to care for others and loved fiercely. 
For a step-dad that I choose to call Dad. 
For snowy winters and snuggles by a fire.
For anything I've missed - I know I have, there's so much to be thankful for.  

For hope. For love. For faith. 

I give thanks.



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