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Let it Snow

We had our first significant snowfall last week! Note my exclamation mark - this was a time of excitement in our house. The snow was meaningful for a few reasons:
The seemingly in between season of Fall had me falling back. Falling back to old feelings, postpartum depression and anxiety feelings. Hormones, less frequent walks outside, less daylight and perhaps some poorly timed extra neediness from my fellas, had me down and out. Anyone who has been there knows, those feelings are scary. They are more than scary - once you've emerged from the darkness it's absolutely terrifying to think you might be fading back to black.  But just like the physical changes that accompanied becoming a mother, those emotional changes may never leave. Is that such a bad thing? Like the stretch marks that I bear on my tummy, I think I'll always bear a tiny piece of that darkness. A reminder of the anxiety, the fear, the depression. A reminder of the struggle. But more importantly a reminder of t…