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Sharing the Love

It's a funny thing, sharing. We are taught about it and teach our kids about it as early on as we can, we tell them how nice it is and how it's the right thing to do - but do we really think about it in our lives? As adults, do we consider that it still means so much to us?
At the beginning of this year I decided I would do more to make me happy - I would walk, every day, even if it was just a short one, I would try my best and make myself more of a priority. And just in case anyone else was feeling a little how I had been feeling, I decided I would share my walking photos every day. I wasn't sure if anyone would care, look at them or feel inspired, but on the off chance that just one person would gain something from my walking journey, I decided to share. 

It's been over sixty days now and I can't believe how many people have felt inspired, have asked to go walking together and have encouraged me along my journey. Friends from my childhood and friends across the cou…