Sharing the Love

It's a funny thing, sharing. We are taught about it and teach our kids about it as early on as we can, we tell them how nice it is and how it's the right thing to do - but do we really think about it in our lives? As adults, do we consider that it still means so much to us?
At the beginning of this year I decided I would do more to make me happy - I would walk, every day, even if it was just a short one, I would try my best and make myself more of a priority. And just in case anyone else was feeling a little how I had been feeling, I decided I would share my walking photos every day. I wasn't sure if anyone would care, look at them or feel inspired, but on the off chance that just one person would gain something from my walking journey, I decided to share. 

It's been over sixty days now and I can't believe how many people have felt inspired, have asked to go walking together and have encouraged me along my journey. Friends from my childhood and friends across the country have reached out, joined in or sent me well wishes. Sharing my small steps every day has encouraged others and brought them joy - this in itself is far more than I ever set out or expected to do. 

When I can, I go for my walks on my own or with a friend, but without my sons. I love my sons infinetly but it can be so nice to do something without them. Realistically going alone every day is a tough tasks to accomplish. Many of my walks include my sons, which is something I do enjoy, most days, haha. The benefits of the walks are not lost on me when I walk with my fellas, and even better, the benefit is shared with them. When the winter set in this year I admit, I stopped taking the boys outside as much as I typically do. I let the cold weather win, the lengthy bundling process, the battle over wearing mittens and toques and the ultimate meltdown when the realization sets in that it's really cold outside. But the commitment to daily walks took us outside even when it wasn't necessarily our first choice. And oh, don't get me started on the benefits of going outside, my fellas love going outside and even in the cold weather, we've made it work. I suppose what I am getting at is that sharing my walks with the boys has filled them with joy as well. We seem to all have better days when we've had the chance to burn off some steam outside. The boys love exploring the terrain, the dirt and mud and ice, the puddles and the snow covered parks. Even on the really cold days, which I must admit, have been few and far between this year, we've made it out - if only for twenty minutes or so - and even then, we've all had our spirits lifted. 

Most importantly, and the reason for writing all of this, is to say that sharing my walks has lifted my spirits, I feel like the old me again and the joy I find in inspiring someone else is unreal. I never would've imagined how uplifted I would be through sharing my walking journey. Every day I post my little photo and every day someone comments or texts me or does something, that in turn brings me so much joy. I didn't think I was the type to feel motivated through public proclamation, and I would still argue I am not, but I am motivated by motivating others, by making others feel happy and by inspiring others. 
Of course, I did a little Google search of this sharing-happiness relationship and of course, I stumbled upon a great read. If you have the time and the desire, have a read, it's worth it. Sharing isn't a new concept, it's just done so easily now, so frequently, and typically over social media. Sharing is a natural, basic, human action. Now let's not forget there are two sides to this, sharing - what you share, how you share, when you share - on social media can be nasty, negative and contribute to sad feelings. But, as mentioned in the article, sharing when you are revved up about something happens more often and sharing something you are revved up about with others appeases out innate desire to share. 
Just imagine if we chose to share only those things that would lift each other - and in turn, lift us. Sharing isn't new, and we do it without thinking. Let's think about it. Let's be intentional in our sharing. Let's use our natural urges for good, capitalize on our desire to share, and to share when feeling passionate. Consider your posts, consider your shares and consider your impact. It seems to me would could really make this life, digital or not, a happier place by being a little more intentional in our sharing.
But I digress, as usual. 

Thank you for sharing my walks with me.



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