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Buttercream Closet

Growing up my mom always had us set out our outfit for the next day as part of our bedtime routine. I grew up figure skating six days a week - four of those days were mornings and I mean six am mornings. There wasn't much time in the mornings to contemplate which clothes to pack for school. When I got older and finally moved out of my parents' house I stopped setting out my clothes at night. One night my husband had the delight of listening to me talk in my sleep. I was in a panic about something and crying in my sleep, so he asked me what was the matter. "I am late for work and I can't decide what to wear" I answered him through my sleep-crying. The following morning when my husband teasingly retold the nighttime drama I had zero recollection of this apparent nightmare but I did feel a familiar sense of anxiety around choosing my outfit. After that I started setting out my outfits at night again, just like I had done all those years at home. 
As a mother my morni…