I spent my morning immersed in culture at Alberta Culture Days at Vivo. It was incredible - obviously I adore how the community can come together to create such a diverse and beautiful event. There was so much talent under one roof, so many languages, histories, beliefs and humans. But most importantly there was so much love and respect. 
Although I thoroughly enjoyed all of the performances and displays my heart was completely filled by a conversation that I had with an amazing woman. She told me her story of where she is from, how she came to Canada and what that has been like for her. And while her story is not mine to tell, I can say that it made me truly recognized the difference that our loving, accepting and respectful Canadian culture means to others. Living in Canada means this woman is free to be who she is and free to believe what she does.
Today there was no "Canadian" table, or dance or storytelling because Canadian Culture is all of those tables and dances and songs and stories, from all over the world, living together, safely and respectfully. Knowing that here, someone can choose what to believe in, how to dress and who they want to be. 
I've never felt more proud to be a Canadian, to be someone who had a small part in helping another feel comfortable and accepted. 

- lovefrommaria


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