A Few Things for the Kids

On Tuesday we all witnessed an historical election - and election result. This has nothing to do with who I think should or shouldn't have won and everything to do with all of the posts on Wednesday morning asking "what will we tell our children?" 
While I can see where folks are coming from with this, I also just can't understand how this could be so difficult - and I know I'm not the only one. A friend obviously felt the same and shared her thoughts that happen to line up pretty well exactly with mine. 
What did you tell your children before the election? 
You likely told them to be kind, to love others, to accept others and not judge. You may have told them to be a friend, that together we are stronger and that the biggest and best things happen when we all focus our energy together. Maybe you didn't tell your kids these exact things, my point is let's not allow a president-elect to seamlessly strip us of our foundational beliefs and parenting standards. Just because you might think the president-elect is a bully, racist, bigot and all around unkind human doesn't mean that's the new standard that we are raising our children to meet. 
Even more than before, parent your children to be the best humans they can be, regardless of who they may see on TV. And if the person on TV isn't so great - because let's be honest there are a whole lot of those on TV - don't watch it. 
Continue to be and teach the change that you want to see, now more than ever. 
- lovefrommaria


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