Who Would You Be?

Last week I heard an oldie but a goodie, Who Would You Be by George Canyon. The song has such a simple concept but like so many other times, I heard it just when I needed to.  
This life can be so much, so busy, so fast - I can get caught up or buried in the daily bits that I forget why I do any of it in the first place. While the song was playing the words made me smile. I recalled a time before I was even married, talking to my friend Joselle, at work. We were talking about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I remember shrugging and saying that all I really knew was that I wanted to marry Todd, have a family together and be happy. 

Well the years have passed and I feel so blessed to say those things have come true. And as I think about them and who I want to be, I don't think too much has changed. Although I didn't see it at the time, or maybe my scope was just smaller, I think who I would be isn't too far off from who I wanted to be then. So if I could be anyone in this whole world, here's who I'd be:
I'd be love, loved and share love. I know no stronger feeling than love and I would be someone that helps others to feel that fire. I would start with love in all situations and I would give everyone the benefit of love from the get-go. I would be someone who wakes up every morning and chooses to love - who isn't careless with it but gives everyone an equal opportunity to feel love. 
I would inspire. I would listen without judgement or agenda, I would encourage and help people make things happen. I would live in such a way that others choose love, and kindness, and compassion. I would expose people to nature and allow them their own unique experiences with this world. 
I would smile. Always. I would be positive in all situations and would draw on everything I have to see the light in everything. I would radiate positive energy that could be felt, especially for those who need it. I would carry positivity around like a light, shining it on everything I touched. 
It's funny to think that in ten years, while my answer sounds different, do believe it is pretty well the same. And after ten years, I will continue to try to be this person. 
So, who would you be?
- lovefrommaria


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