All of my Love

Writing this is tough - I've struggled to figure out the best way to say it. Today was an incredible day and I'm filled with emotion after giving all of my energy and love to a deserving family's future house. When our team finished the landscaping we went for a tour of the house. I was overwhelmed walking through the house just thinking of how this was going to feel for the future owners. Their kids running excitedly up the stairs to their new, very own bedrooms. The parent(s) breathing a sign of relief, of safety and security. Knowing that I had the smallest part in making this dream come true for a family is enough to keep me going for an incredibly long time.
I learned today that Habitat for Humanity houses are about 20% volunteer built. That every year there are 60,000 volunteer hours spent building homes. Homes that will be purchased with no down payment and a no-interest mortgage. Without even knowing the homeowners there are all of these humans out, giving up weekends and leisure time to build a house for perfect strangers. I am certain that when that family walks into their house for the first time they will feel that energy. They will feel the laughter, love and sweat that went into building their house. Their home. These are not houses, they are homes. Built by loving, caring and generous communities that lift each other. 
Just like mine. I was blown away to learn that I was the top fundraiser for the entire Women Build 2017. This isn't me bragging about how great I am, at all. This is me telling you - my village, my community - that I am only here because of you. I had no idea I would even get close to three thousand dollars and to think that today I surpassed it by nearly two hundred dollars. Thank you. I know my thirtieth birthday ask was a big one - thank you. For those families, who will directly benefit from our fundraising - thank you. For believing in community - thank you. For believing that together, we truly are better - thank you. 

All of my love. 

- lovefrommaria 


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