Hearts Out

These last one hundred days have been slightly insane. I'm a handful of lessons away from completing Seth Godin's Marketing Seminar. Marketers, entrepreneurs, humans who want to connect with humans: this course is INCREDIBLE - study with Seth. 
I digress, I am not writing to talk about the course, the course serves as a reminder. In the beginning, one hundred days ago, I felt like an outsider. I would complete the lecture and answer the questions only to find my answers seemed to be completely off base when compared with others in the course. Not having studied marketing in university, I immediately allowed this to make me feel inadequate, half a bubble off of plumb and like I didn't belong. This was an interesting feeling. You see, I am painfully myself and I also really like to be a good student. I found myself torn between being me, answering with what felt right in my heart and beng a good student and answering with what seemed to be right. I questioned my belonging and my deep-rooted heart following, despite being able to stray from it.
Thankfully this was a Seth Godin course and that tricky, gorgeous universe was sending another reminder. As the course progressed it became more and more apparent that, at least in this context, I wasn't completely insane. Details of the course are not relevant right now. This was yet another reminder to stay true. It's really hard sometimes, it seems out of place and you might question it but don't stray. Feelings, emotions, they matter and they are there for a reason. They guide us and they are also glaringly obvious. It shows as clear as day when truth is being overlooked, when conformation wins out. 
I suppose all of this just to say: lead from your heart - always. 

- lovefrommaria 


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