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Womb-Mate, Two Years Late

Well now this post can't come as a surprise. There is simply NO WAY I could ever reflect on things that have shaped my life and not include the one human that has been influencing me since I was two years and twenty-seven days old. From the moment I met her I was taken. My whole world revolved around the tiny new human in my life, from cutting her hair to cuddling with her, Kate was the living doll I had always wanted. 

I don't know how old we were when things shifted, when I stopped calling the shots and leading our activities - considering I can't remember it must've been when we were fairly young.

It's things like constantly making me laugh while still having me terrified to tick her off - she's been able to beat me up since, well, always. I never wanted for many friends because I had her - much to her dismay for basically all of our years in school. I never had to worry about what to wear because I knew I could always wear what Kate had worn the…

Die Hard Friendship

​​SML Some seventeen years ago, right around this time of year, I made a new friend. It was the first week of junior high in late French immersion and I was away from my sister for the first time in a long time. I sat next to a girl with long strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes - one punch in the arm later and we were friends. As the year went on our friendship grew and that stranger on the bus became my bestfriend.  That stranger on the bus was Brandy and Brandy would become the very bestfriend I have ever had, that isn't related to me, haha! I think back now about all of the things that I experienced because of this friendship. Cardboard sledding, exploring abandoned daycares, being stung by a wasp, camping (many times), flying on a plane alone, Disneyland & California Adventure, Pecan Cookies, Corn Roasts on the farm - to name a few.  But what about some bigger ones - saving money, budgeting, researching, getting good grades and standing up for what you believe in - al…