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Growing up my mom always had us set out our outfit for the next day as part of our bedtime routine. I grew up figure skating six days a week - four of those days were mornings and I mean six am mornings. There wasn't much time in the mornings to contemplate which clothes to pack for school. When I got older and finally moved out of my parents' house I stopped setting out my clothes at night. One night my husband had the delight of listening to me talk in my sleep. I was in a panic about something and crying in my sleep, so he asked me what was the matter. "I am late for work and I can't decide what to wear" I answered him through my sleep-crying. The following morning when my husband teasingly retold the nighttime drama I had zero recollection of this apparent nightmare but I did feel a familiar sense of anxiety around choosing my outfit. After that I started setting out my outfits at night again, just like I had done all those years at home. 
As a mother my mornings once again do not include leisurely time to select outfits. Between dressing my boys, feeding my boys and refereeing their shenanigans I truly have no time nor desire to rifle through my closet in search of the ideal outfit. Just over a year ago I came upon this lovely article about capsule wardrobes. It was a moment of such clarity - reduce your closet, spend less time on outfits and more time doing what you love! I was instantly a fan of the capsule wardrobe. I followed these four simple steps to reduce my wardrobe and I can honestly tell you that it has been such a relief. Creating more space, and time, in my life for the things that make me happy is right there at the top of my list. I love not having issues of what to wear weighing on my mind. 
Of course, I didn't instantly have a perfect capsule wardrobe, over the last year and a bit it has been a work in progress. And I will admit I am not down to the old thirty-three items, I may never be! But an important part of the capsule wardrobe is having pieces that are versatile, comfortable, confidence boosting and high quality - you don't want to have to replace your items constantly, this would defeat the purpose entirely. I have slowly added pieces and taken away old pieces, following the 1:2 ratio. My biggest take-away from the capsule wardrobe idea is to only purchase and keep things that you feel good in. Currently, the majority of my wardrobe is made up of Buttercream Clothing items. It's not hard to create a multitude of outfits with the variety and versatility of their clothing. Not to mention I have not yet worn out or had to replace even one item. 
Choosing Buttercream Clothing is a simple decision for me. This clothing is durable and high quality, meaning it's a smart investment for a capsule wardrobe, or any wardrobe really, but especially one that will see items worn more frequently. The fabrics are so comfortable and easy to wear all day long - not to mention they are environmentally friendly! I am able to wear something all day at work, or all day with my boys interchangeably. They really are designed for living in. I love the way I look and feel in these items, my most confident outfits are composed of Buttercream items. 
But a little less about me and a little more about the bigger picture. The importance and impact that supporting a local brand has on the community is invaluable. All Buttercream Clothing is made ethically, right here in Canada. I feel good knowing who made my clothes - knowing they are paid a responsible rate and knowing that they work in safe and healthy conditions makes me feel even better about what I am wearing. Supporting local goes so much deeper than just being trendy and buying something at a market. Supporting local means you are investing back into your community. When you purchase something from Buttercream you know you are helping to employ locals, locals who need jobs and who are being employed to do something they enjoy. I love knowing that I am supporting a family, a family in my community. And in times of downturn, like we are currently experiencing, local businesses like these sustain us. When we support these businesses they can, in turn, support the community by offering employment. And all of this mutual supporting? Deepens our community. It gives us all a sense of belonging, a sense of pride and most importantly a sense of togetherness. 
When I open my closet sure, I see less clutter but I also see opportunities, I see fair wages, excellent work conditions, I see clothing made with love from high-quality fabrics and I see a community with deep and meaningful connections. 

*to check out all things good peruse www.buttercreamclothing.com 

*to learn more about Deepening Community have a read of Paul Born’s “Deepening Community: Finding Joy Together in Chaotic Times”

- lovefrommaria


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