Fear. It's one of those trendy-type things now, you know "feel the fear and do it anyway" and all that jazz. It's also one of our most basic states. From a very young age, fear is something we know and a state that our body enters with relatively little stimulus. We enter it in a physiological state - that flight or fight response - and we enter it in a mental state - when we don't understand. 

There's a lot I don't understand. The past few weeks have produced several events that I don't understand, that I may never really understand. I'm not writing to convince anyone to take either side. I believe every situation needs to be examined independently of others, in its entirety - all details included. But I would be lying if I said I had little fear in regards to the recent events. I am afraid. And I am confused. And I am saddened. Why are people being judged by the colour of their skin or the profession they choose? Why are so many people being shot? Why do we live in a world where the media chooses to pit us against one another rather than working for good? Why don't we all think of ourselves as one?

As fate would have it I have been reading Paul Born's Deepening Communities. And as fate would have it fear is a theme discussed and is even a type of community. You've got to know by now I am all about deepening community - building strong connections, support systems, ways of life. Paul's words resonate so strongly with me, especially with the things that are going on around us. 

"Fear can pull us apart, or it can bind us together. It can cause hatred and genocide, or reflection and altruism. Fear is a huge motivator for community. It can bring people together to destroy others or to make the world a better place. Both expressions of fear, both responses to fear, are community. We will need to choose. We have a choice. In these times we would be wise to stay together, take care of one another, and work together for a better world."

It's always a choice. Choose to come together, choose community. Choose kindness and choose love.

- lovefrommaria


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