One Stop Play Shop.

I really love snow - I really love winter and Christmas, hot drinks and cozy times - snow makes me think of all of those things. And while I really do love the snow, and my boys love to play in the snow, the cold that comes along with it can put a time constraint on play. This morning, after reaching our outside quota, we packed up and headed to Vivo to continue the play. 

As a mom, or dad, you know that time for you is hard to come by, or hard to carve out. Making yourself a priority is easier said than done and it often means sacrificing something else. Missing bedtime to attend a workout class, missing relaxing weekend vibes as a family to go for a run - and so on. This is not a complaint about parenting, just a reality - the balance becomes a lot more sensitive with little ones in the mix. You know the whole, two birds with one stone analogy? That one is oh so true with kids. 

Well, how about three birds with one stone? Yes please! 
This morning we chose to go to Vivo because that's exactly what we got - three birds with one stone. The boys burned off extra steam and socialized in the Play Lab while my husband and I had a workout together. I know, lame, but we love to hang out. We chose side-by-side treadmills and although he out ran me by about 80 billion miles - we were together. Just like old times, pre-child times. After finishing up what was essentially a workout date we picked up the boys and rounded out the morning in the gymnasium for some family play time. 
A great morning, if you ask me. 

So - I am curious - what's your favourite way to get your workouts in? How do you make it all work?

- lovefrommaria


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