Six Life Learnings in Thirty Years of Living

It's that time of year, so here's another recap on the year, woo. I have seen a lot of hate for 2017 - it was perhaps not our finest year in existence, but I have to be honest - 2017 has been a great year. It's been tough, and challenging, it has stretched us further than we knew we could be stretched. It brought new opportunities, it saw doors close and others open. 2017 has taught me just how much we can be capable of if we are courageous enough to step up and take our turn.

2017 was also the year that celebrated my thirtieth year on this planet. Thank you again, to every single person who helped to make my birthday wish an explosion of love. 

In honor of this gift, this gift of thirty years, I thought I would share my biggest life learnings.

1. Have Best Friends - Love Them Hard

The people we surround ourselves with make all of the difference. Make space for those who lift you up; be someone who lifts others up. Put in the effort to maintain the friendships that mean something, that serve you, and that fill your heart. Going through the best times, and the hard times, is substantially better when it's done with your best friends.

2. Love, Live and Thrive Where You Work

If you are spending five out of seven days per week somewhere, it might as well be somewhere amazing. Similar to friends, surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, who challenge you to grow, and try, and risk, and even fail. Let them in, let them know who you are and what makes you buzz. Let yourself be honest, strong, and kind. Connect your heart to your work. When you are doing something that is a part of who you are it shows, it carries it forward, and it becomes a joyful effort. 

3. Lead With Your Heart - Trust Your Gut

For whatever reason, as we grow up we turn away from our feelings on things and we try to rationalize with numbers and data and other boring adult things. We have feelings for a reason - honor those feelings. They may not always be "right" but they deserve, at the very least, a conversation. Ask more questions, let it be known that something feels off or bang on, be grateful to your body for the instincts it has.

4. Go for That Run (or walk, or workout)

It may seem daunting, or better to stay home under a cozy blanket, but trust that you will feel far better once you've honored your body and gone for that run - if running is not your jam please replace with your desired activity. Your body is a gift. It is capable of so many incredible things - move it - let it show you all of the incredible things it can do.

5. Cry If You Want to

Or laugh, smile, listen, pout. Emotions happen, they are real, whether they are "right" or not. They always deserve to be acknowledged. This is not to say you should sit around all day pouting or carrying on, but recognizing how you feel and allowing yourself to feel it is often the best way to work through it. Sadness, guilt, happiness, anxiety - they all have a place in our lives and they all deserve a little recognition. Feel it, embrace it, work through it.

6. Love is Always the Answer

Come on - you knew this was coming. In all things - let love guide you - in disagreements, in times of despair, in times of celebration. It starts with you - love yourself enough to be kind and understanding. Love yourself enough to treat your body right, fuel it, and move it. Love yourself enough to stand up for how you feel. And then let it branch out. Love others enough to be kind and understanding, to listen intently and really hear them. Love others enough to serve them, lift them, and care for them. Love others enough to respect their thoughts and feelings - filter disagreements through love, empathy, and compassion.

Here's to 2018 - and all of the love it has in store for us. 

- lovefrommaria


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