A Kind Birthday

Last year you all made for the most amazing birthday present. With your support, I was able to take part in Habitat for Humanity's Women Build. And I didn't just take part, together you lifted me to be the top fundraiser in the entire campaign. I'm still emotional and blown away when I think about it. So again, thank you. Thank you to everyone who took the time to donate, share or encourage me along the way - you set the stage for thirty to be one of my best years ever. 

This year I'm not building a house, but I do still have a small birthday wish. My wish is to see 31 acts of kindness between now and the end of the April. They don't have to be big and they don't have to be expensive - they just need to come from the heart. 
I have this incredible friend in my life and she's on a journey to make the world a kinder, more caring, and connected place. And let me tell you, she does this, every single day. Every day she shows up with kindness on, she listens, laughs, hugs, and always acts from a place of kindness. Last year for her birthday she launched Kind YYC and I'd love nothing more than to lift this initiative and add a little more kindness to this world.

Her website is full of ideas and inspiration, should you need any. 

Here's how you can help make my birthday wish come true:
  1. share this post, so more people can join
  2. visit this website for ideas and inspiration 
  3. do an act of kindness and share on social media with #KindYYC 
  4. be the kindest version of you, every day
Thank you to everyone one of you who has taken the time to read this, and for your consideration in bringing my birthday wish to life.

- lovefrommaria 


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