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Play On

Playing is just as important for adults as it is for kids. If you don't believe it, you probably haven't played in a while.

We spent the morning at the outdoor rink. the boys played ball hockey while I spent some time playing my very favourite, lacrosse - and I have missed it so much.  This morning I didn't think about how many calories I was burning or the food I was working off. I thought about my life playing with the most amazing ladies, how much fun we had on and off the floor. I thought about my mom, driving us all over the city, working bingos and casinos so we could play. I thought about the joy that sport brought to my life, not just on the floor, but off. I made some of my best friends in sport, was inspired by role models, and built confidence. I thought about the incredible coaches I had that truly made a difference.  When I was thirteen I was looking for a change from figure skating. Fortunately for me, my mom heard about a girls lacrosse team starting up - I…

Showing Up

In March I died my hair and I cut my hair. I know this is seemingly trivial or silly but it turns out it was a lot more than that, and it has taken me nearly four months to see that. I've been reflecting on it a lot lately and thought I would share.

For as long as I can remember I have had blonde hair, it's a part of my identity. And for the majority of my adult life, I have had long blonde hair. Anyway, this post wasn't meant to be about me recounting the colour of my hair, more so how my hair colour seems to be a visual manifestation of how I am feeling on the inside.

On the spring equinox, I found myself with my best friend, at the salon having inches of hair cut off and my blonde locks darkened. I was ready for a change. The next day I was interviewing for a new role, my "grown-up" role, a role in line with my passion that truly energizes me. Without a doubt, this was a time of change for me. I was putting myself out there, vulnerable and committed to accepti…