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Filling in the Gaps

Being a working mom can come with some guilt. Let's be honest, being a parent, in general, comes with guilt. Trying to be everything to everyone gets old really fast, not to mention it's impossible. When I chose to accept a full-time role over a year ago I knew there were compromises that would come. Pursuing a cause that I am passionate about and balancing it with parenting has been on my mind a lot. I am grateful to be with an organization that is supportive of this, and true to our mission of raising healthier generations recognizes the health benefits that a flexible schedule grants to our family.

There are many days though, that call for some extra help with childcare and it's on those days that the guilt creeps in. You know that guilt, the "I should be with my kids now" "Maybe I shouldn't work full-time" and on and on. Yesterday life gave me the sweetest reminder to embrace the village and remember that we are stronger together.

While I worke…