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To My Friends Having Their First Baby

My sweet friend, I am so very happy for you. I truly am. You are experiencing one of the greatest gifts - a gift that not all women are able to receive. I have seen those women, and known them, even though I am not one. Accept your gift and feel that gratitude.

You are no doubt, going through one of the biggest changes ever. Your body is not your own, there's a tiny human growing in it! Your priorities have shifted and already you are thinking about that tiny human before yourself - you'll do that a lot. Soon you'll bring that tiny human into this world - however that happens I hope you know what a champion you are. None of us can plan how that goes, you could write all the birth plans in the world and that tiny human will not give a hoot about your birth plan. Remember how many women have come before you, and how many different ways 7+ billion humans have made their entrances - a teeny tiny percentage of whom maybe followed their birth plan. Maybe.
And then there you are.…