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Love From Maria

Communications from the Heart

Your Story Matters

Elevate & Connect More People to Your Brand


The best stories are told from the heart and have intentional direction. Understanding and being clear about your strategy makes getting there so much more simple.
I'm game if you are, we can get there together.

Content Creation

Your story is told in many places - remaining consistent from person to platform matters. From blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts to annual reports - let's make a plan and tell one, unified story across all platforms.



We've been telling stories for as long as we have existed. I love helping people and organizations tell their stories in the most meaningful, concise way possible.
So what'll it be, shall we tell a story together?



It all starts with a plan.​

Communication Plans

Marketing Plans


From the heart.

Annual Reports

Website Copy

Social Media Copy

Case Statements




Let's talk it through.

​Some situations call for a great thought partner. We can walk through the challenge and generate several viable solutions to get you moving forward.

In a noisy world, let’s work together to share a clear and compelling story that others want to be a part of.

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