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What Would Love Do?

I recently read an article that has changed the way that I think about things all the time. On I read an article called, What Would Love Do?

I loved this article and I believe that ideas like this need to be spread. Love is the ultimate emotion in life- it is the strongest and most sought after feeling that there is. I love love.

The article described an experiment wherein the writer decided that all day he must behave in the way that love would. Every time that something irritated him or someone was mean to him he had to ask himself, what would love do?

His conclusions found that he actually felt incredible all day long- and he made other people feel good too!

After reading his positive findings I decided that I wouldn't just do this for one day, I would try my very best to do this for my whole life. So far I love it. I have always been a generally positive person but this mindset has really helped me to maintain my positive feelings through the toughest and most negetive of situations.

In general I feel more loving, I am more patient, and everytime that my patience are tested I just remind myself what love would do.

I hope that more people will try this, and try to live like this, if not for the betterment of our world than do it for yourself, because it makes you feel better.

- lovefrommaria

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