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You Can Never Really Know

This morning, as I wandered around in a state of half sleep working at the gym I found myself chatting with a regular customer from India. India, which I will call him, in order to not use his real name, is the sweetest man ever. I am pretty sure that he is some Buddha reincarnated or some wonderful person reincarnated. He always makes an effort to say hello, goodbye and to immerse himself into the North American culture.

"Howdy" is his latest new word. During Stampede week he discovered this word and now whenever he sees someone in their western wear he insists on saying howdy to them. It's beautiful. Not beautiful that he is embracing our culture in specific but the idea in general of any foreigner coming to a new country and having so much enthusiasm for their new surroundings. Isn't the whole point of moving to embrace and enjoy a new culture anyway?

It's wonderfully beautiful when it happens. This is not to say that one needs to lose their own culture when they come to a new place - they should hold tight to those roots from which they sprang - but they too should enjoy and welcome the ways and customs of their new home, this is the best way, after all, to make your new surroundings your new home.India has always been a man of great sense. He loves and is so enthusiastic about Canada. He welcomes with open arms the way of life here and the fact that he can still be India, but India that lives in Canada.The point of this though was not to be culturally and politically charged, it was rather to remind everyone that every action that you take is important.India came in this morning and naturally I found myself talking up a storm with him, he is still newer to English but never hesitates to try his best to carry on a conversation and to learn new ways of expressing his thoughts in English.

He is sad today because I am leaving this venue to pursue a new job elsewhere but he tells me that he is happy for me. His kind words are one thing, and not uncommon, this is the typically given phrase when you find a new job "well you will be missed but I am excited for you!" India, of course, told me this, as he so easily has caught on to our traditional phrases and words.The noteworthy thing about India is his insight, his natural ability to see into you, to see the person you are, to see your soul.

This should not sound weird or creepy. It is a beautiful thing. What a treat to recognize in a companion their soul - their true essence. To India mine is pure happiness. He says to me that my smile for one is "a word that he does not know well in English but that I think to be something like contagious". He tells me that he can see already a change from within me since having received my new job - he knows that it will be a great thing.

Truly it doesn't really matter to me what people think of my new job - or if they think that it will be great, because this I already know for myself. What I do care about is the next thing that India told me. He goes on to tell me that this morning when he woke up he was not feeling so happy, he was awake and on his way to the gym and this was all fine but in general, he was a touch gloomy - perhaps due to the weather. Anyway, India made my day and reminded me of such an important thing by telling that he was feeling gloomy and such but after speaking with me he now is feeling all smiles and much more positive about his day.

I love this. Not in an egotistical way because woo I made his day but because people have the power to lift each other up.

And so we should. Today India is going to have a better day because I was able to pass on some positive energy to him. I know that in the past and certainly again in the future my day was made and will be made better by the generous sharing of positive energy from another.

Never forget that everything you do is important - every person you talk to could be the one that you share much needed positive energy with. Try to never transmit the negative, be that positive force that is ever uplifting and encouraging.

We are all in this together and Lord knows we will succeed with much more ease if we all pool our positive energy and share what we can with each other. Humankind is beautiful and powerful. It has not yet been revealed to us how powerful our thoughts can be but trust, they are powerful. Open yourself and be receptive to those around you, when you need a boost to accept the positive energy from those trying to lift you up - they probably recognize that you need it, whether it is conscious or subconscious. Lift others when you can.

Don't forget that you can never really know how much or how little you are affecting someone. always uplift and be uplifted.

- lovefrommaria

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